Start the Journey, A Paranormal Meetup Group

Orange County, CA

The focus of Start the Journey, A Paranormal MeetUp Group is for members to network with other paranormal researchers, investigators, and ghost enthusiasts, both locally and throughout the country!  Members are encouraged to participate in group investigations, share experiences and learn new things. 

The primary focus of Start the Journey, A Paranormal Meetup Group, is to explore the paranormal as it relates to ghosts, spirits, and various other entities. Areas of exploration and learning will include:

  • Scientific and experimental methods and the use of various instrumentation
  • What position do psychics, sensitives and empaths have during investigations
  • The importance of researching historical data and fact gathering
  • Plus, much, much more!

In an attempt to bring the paranormal community together, this group takes the position of building unity and respect for each other and other groups. Those who join this group are expected to:

  • Have an open mind
  • To respect each others religious beliefs
  • To support each others desires to learn and develop new skills

We encourage healthy dialogues and even healthy debates, however forcing beliefs or condemning others for theirs will not be tolerated. 

Start the Journey, A Paranormal Meetup Group will be accepting all levels of experience. Sharing knowledge and mentoring others will not only be encouraged, but will also be expected. Members will participate within their own comfort zones and membership is voluntary. Those Interested and qualified are encouraged to apply to be assistant organizers.  

The Organizers of Start the Journey, A Paranormal MeetUp Group will do our best to keep costs for events, classes, investigations, etc., free or nominal cost, however a fee may be required for some activities. Fees will be dictated based upon some of the following critera:

  • The requirements of a participating location
  • For supplies to share with the group
  • Rental fee for a piece of equipment used during a lesson or an investigation
  • To bring in a guest speaker

We wish we could afford to cover all expenses ourselves, unfortunately the Organizers have not located that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Start the Journey, A Paranormal MeetUp Group does NOT tolerate law breakers- including those who choose to trespass or falsify evidence. Start the Journey, A Paranormal Meetup Group is a separate entity and is NOT part of Journey Paranormal Society™ Membership in Start the Journey, A Paranormal Meetup Group by no mean makes you part of the Journey Paranormal Society™ investigative team.  Those who mis-represent themselves, either directly or implied, will immediately be removed from Start the Journey, A Paranormal Meetup Group.

Start the Journey, A Paranormal MeetUp Group implements a Zero Tolerance Policy. In addition to the above stipulations, showing up under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or bringing any of those items to any Start the Journey, A Paranormal MeetUp Group event is totally unacceptable. The Primary Organizers have the absolute right to remove any member at anytime, acting in the best interest of the group in an attempt to maintain a fun, educational, safe environment for all its members.

Members must be 18 years of age or older (proof of legal I.D. may be required). No exceptions.

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