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Title: Northline Mall
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Time Posted: 2013-07-12 23:41:17

Opened in 1961, Northline was one of the first air-conditioned retail centers in Texas. As Houston's population base became more diverse, it was clearly time for Northline to follow suit. Beginning in 2002, remerchandising efforts focused on unique needs of surrounding African-American and Hispanic communities. A non-traditional retail mix was the result.

Northline soon encompassed an 85,000-square-foot Houston Community College campus, the first of its kind in a mall. Houston's only Magic Johnson Theater was also opened at Northline, and an adjacent mass transit center was even launched in partnership with the Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority.


Northline Mall will eventually be demolished and replaced by an 850,000-square-foot open-air power center featuring big-box specialty retailers and general merchandise stores. The project will be similar to the complete redevelopment of Gulfgate Center, which was finished three years ago by E.D. "Ed" Wulfe of Wulfe & Co.

Eastbourne bought the property for an undisclosed amount from owner Berenson Associates Inc., which originally developed the mall in the 1960s.